Australian High Risk Training

Summary of Courses

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DGDogging Work4 daysPOA
LFForklift Operation2 daysPOA
WPElevated Work Platform2 daysPOA
WAHWorking at Heights1 dayPOA
CSEConfined Space Entry1 dayPOA
Crane Operation
C1Crane Operation - C1 (Slewing <= 100 tonnes)5 daysPOA
CN4Crane Operation - CN4 (non-slewing)4 daysPOA
CV2Crane Operation - CV2 (Vehicle Self-Loading)4 daysPOA
RBRigging - Basic4 daysPOA
RIRigging - Intermediate4 daysPOA

Definition of Codes Used

(See also: WorkSafe WA)


CVVehicle loading cranes (10 metre tonnes or greater lifting capacity)
CNNon-slewing mobile cranes (greater than 3 tonnes lifting capacity)
C6Slewing mobile cranes (up to and including 60 tonnes lifting capacity)
C1Slewing mobile cranes (up to and including 100 tonnes lifting capacity)
C0Slewing mobile cranes (open/over 100 tonnes lifting capacity)


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