Australian High Risk Training

Course Schedule

The following scheduled courses still have places remaining.

 Starts - EndsOctober 2019
Mon 28th-Thu 31st CN4 Crane Operation - CN4 (non-slewing)
Mon 28th-Fri 1st C1 Crane Operation - C1 (Slewing <= 100 tonnes)
Mon 28th-Tue 29th LF Forklift Operation
 Starts - EndsNovember 2019
Mon 11th-Thu 14th RB Rigging - Basic
Mon 11th-Tue 12th LF Forklift Operation
Mon 18th-Thu 21st RI Rigging - Intermediate
Mon 18th-Tue 19th WP Elevated Work Platform
Mon 18th-Thu 21st CN4 Crane Operation - CN4 (non-slewing)
Mon 25th-Thu 28th DG Dogging Work
Mon 25th-Tue 26th LF Forklift Operation
Mon 25th-Thu 28th CV2 Crane Operation - CV2 (Vehicle Self-Loading)
 Starts - EndsDecember 2019
Mon 2nd-Tue 3rd WP Elevated Work Platform
Mon 2nd-Thu 5th RB Rigging - Basic
Mon 2nd-Fri 6th C1 Crane Operation - C1 (Slewing <= 100 tonnes)
Mon 9th-Tue 10th LF Forklift Operation
Mon 9th-Thu 12th RI Rigging - Intermediate
Mon 16th-Tue 17th WP Elevated Work Platform
Mon 16th-Thu 19th CN4 Crane Operation - CN4 (non-slewing)
Mon 16th-Thu 19th DG Dogging Work
 Starts - EndsJanuary 2020
Mon 13th-Thu 16th DG Dogging Work
Mon 13th-Tue 14th LF Forklift Operation
Mon 20th-Thu 23rd RB Rigging - Basic
Mon 20th-Tue 21st WP Elevated Work Platform
Tue 28th-Fri 31st RI Rigging - Intermediate
Tue 28th-Wed 29th LF Forklift Operation
 Starts - EndsFebruary 2020
Mon 3rd-Thu 6th DG Dogging Work
Mon 3rd-Tue 4th WP Elevated Work Platform
Mon 10th-Thu 13th RB Rigging - Basic
Mon 10th-Tue 11th LF Forklift Operation
Mon 17th-Thu 20th RI Rigging - Intermediate
Mon 17th-Tue 18th WP Elevated Work Platform
Mon 24th-Thu 27th DG Dogging Work
Mon 24th-Tue 25th LF Forklift Operation

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